TIME FOR LUBUSZ REGION – Międzyrzecki Fortified Region


Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony (Międzyrzecki Fortified Region) is a huge system of German fortifications built in the 1930s on the Polish-German borderland. Located in the Odra and Warta bend, it stretched for almost 100 km. Its task was to defend the access by the shortest route to the capital of the Third Reich. Several dozen battle shelters, fortress weirs, sliding and swinging bridges, many tactical channels, and vast floodplains were constructed. The whole was divided into three sections: Southern, Central and Northern. By Hitler’s decision, this gigantic construction project was never completed.

In the Central Section, apart from the battle shelters, the most important element of fortifications was the connecting system of underground tunnels with a total length of over 30 kilometers, equipped with underground stations and storage chambers.

In 1945 the fortifications were captured by Soviet units and then blown up and stripped of their armour elements.

The year-round tourist route includes two variants of sightseeing: a short route – up to 1.5 hours and a long route – up to 2.5 hours of wandering. On request, there is also an extreme route with the time of staying in the underground for up to 8 hours. Guided tours are provided by qualified guides. Tourists, in addition to the open exhibition of military equipment, also have at their disposal an observation tower, a souvenir stand, a bar and a car park.

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The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship