Janowiec is a village in Lubusz Voivodeship, Zielona Góra County, in Babimost Municipality.
Taberska Inn is located in the village of Janowiec in the Babimojszczyzna region, among meadows and fields, right next to the Wooden Churches Trail. Certainly during the stay, guests can take a walk in the surrounding forests, pick mushrooms and go canoeing.

It is worth visiting Taberska Inn not only because of the delicious cuisine, but also to relax and spend free time in an interesting way.

Babimojszczyzna, the region where the Taberska Inn is located, is distinguished not only by its unusual dialect, difficult to understand for visitors, but also by the local cuisine. Above all, local dishes are based on products available in almost every farm. The cuisine of Babimojszczyzna combines influences of both old Polish and German traditions, and its main advantage is simplicity. Brilliant simplicity. In the Taberska Inn we try to cultivate the traditions of Krumskie housewives and in our menu you can find regional specialties.

An unusual, but very tasty dish of these lands, is the soup "Sour eggs.” The name is so interesting that many visitors, despite initial doubts, eagerly try it. When asked: what is Sour Eggs? Krumskie housewives answer: soup "on water" with sweet and sour eggs. To be precise, it is made with water broth, to which we add allspice, bay leaf, and onions – necessarily as a whole. Season with salt and… Sugar! Into the boiling water one throws broken eggs and scrambles them montewka. The soup is thickened with "zaklepka,” i.e. flour and cream. Once again, it is seasoned according to own taste with salt, sugar and vinegar (preferably homemade apple cider vinegar). At the end, add as many eggs as there are people in the house, but do not break them – they should look like poached eggs. The soup is served with one poached egg and boiled potatoes topped with bacon and onion. The bowl with potatoes is served separately. This is how we eat at the Taberska Inn!
Enjoy your meal!

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The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship