Mierzęcin Palace Wellness & Wine Resort is located in Mierzęcin, just 500 meters from Mierzęckie Lake.

Traditional Polish cuisine has been formed over the centuries. It was influenced by historical changes and the fact that its borders were inhabited by a mosaic of nations. As a result, we have strong eastern culinary influences (Tatar-Turkish, earlier Mongolian), Ruthenian, and German, French, Italian and Jewish. The dominant flavors are salty and sour (pickled). Although the most popular dishes include flour and cereals, vegetables and meats play an equally important role.
Among the most popular Polish dishes the most popular are soups. There are many traditional Polish soups. From old Polish żur (sour rye soup), through cabbage soup, krupnik (barley soup), bee soup, tomato soup, cucumber soup, mushroom soup, pea soup, sorrel soup to broth. 

Two factors are necessary for a soup to be tasty. Traditional recipe often handed from generation to generation and access to fresh ingredients. Home vegetable gardens are coming back to favor. More and more restaurants and hotels begin to appreciate the quality that comes from their own crops. In addition, slow food dishes, prepared from ingredients sourced from local suppliers, have become the standard rather than a curiosity or novelty. One of such places is Mierzęcin Palace Wellness & Wine Resort and its Destylarnia Restaurant. A large vegetable and herb garden is a constant source of fresh ingredients. Old recipes and modern way of serving provide new life to traditional dishes.
"Soups are an indispensable part of any restaurant menu. In my kitchen they are as important as meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Sour rye soup, sorrel soup, mushroom soup, broth or beloved by children tomato soup will always find a place in my menu" – Dawid Łagowski, Chef of Destylarnia Restaurant in Mierzęcin Palace Wellness & Wine Resort.

Soups are worth eating at any time of the year but especially in autumn and winter. Full of vitamins and microelements from vegetables, they warm up and strengthen the immune system, which is particularly important during the cold season. 

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