Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty is Poland’s first year-round themed amusement park with a total area of 20 000 square meters located by the A2 highway in the Lubusz Voivodeship. The park has 26 attractions that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The scenography of the park refers to the fairy tales of Maia the Bee, Heidi from the Alpine Village and Viking Vic, with great attention to decorative details. Majaland Kownaty consists of two zones filled full of attractions – an indoor zone of 10.000 m2 open all year round and an outdoor zone also of 10.000 m2 open from early spring to late autumn. In addition to the wide range of attractions at Majaland Kownaty, there are also restaurants and food courts. The park also has a souvenir store referring to the park’s attractions. The park began operations on 29.09.2018 and is a unique investment on a Polish scale, while still being expanded. On 29.06.2019 the first fully wooden rollercoaster in Poland was launched, this time related to the terrifying world of werewolves.
Majaland Kownaty has the prospect of building new attractions. A new part of the outdoor zone – the Viking zone – is currently under construction. This zone will include two large attractions – such as Disk’o Coaster and Splash Battle manufactured by the leading attractions manufacturers in Europe and a themed food court and store. There are plans to build new attractions in the coming years and expand the offer into other provinces by building sister parks in major Polish cities.

In Majaland Kownaty you can discover a magical world and experience unique encounters with the park’s heroes – beloved by everyone Maja the Bee, Gucio or Heidi. The fairy tale heroes take you on a wonderful trip around the fully roofed indoor area of the park. For those who like speed and thrill it is possible to take a ride on the Viking Rollercoaster, which at a dizzying speed takes you on an amazing journey along the sharp rocks into the interior of the cave. From the Viking Totem you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire park. With the Flying School you can learn to fly by pedaling as fast as you can to rise high. Explore all the attractions in the outdoor area of Majaland Kownaty, climb to the top of the Volcano and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the Dancing Fountains. Do not forget to visit the goats at the Heidi Animal Farm and the opportunity to learn the rules of the road in the Car Town and enter the world of werewolves at a speed of over 85 km/h on the first wooden rollercoaster in Poland, Werewolf, which reaches a height of 22 meters. The new rollercoaster is 618 meters long and the attraction’s theme is a journey through the dark world of werewolves. Majaland Kownaty is a guarantee of having a day full of excitement and family fun.
Along with the establishment of Majaland Kownaty, a large increase in visitors to local hotels and resorts in the region has been noticed. The park’s location and advertising encouraged tourists from all over Poland to visit the region and get acquainted with the region’s rich offer. There has been a large increase in individual and group tourist traffic. Majaland Kownaty has also created job opportunities for the region’s residents, which translates into the social and economic importance of the tourist product. Families are the main customers of this park, which guarantees tightening of ties through family fun and spending time together.


Kownaty Park I Sp. z o.o.
66-235 Kownaty
Kownaty 17, Torzym



The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship