The inn impresses with its appearance, tiled stoves, collected old equipment, related to the economy. There are also friendly animals...And baking shovels, on which the names of Krum personalities are engraved. This award was invented to recognize those great people who do not strive for fame, and are true authorities for the local community.

The smells of herbs, of which there is no shortage here, are spreading from everywhere. Just in time for regional drinks and dishes. You can sit for hours on a bench or bridge, looking at Lake Wojnowskie, enjoying the silence and the scent of local plants. And if you get bored, go kayaking, biking, dancing in the ballroom or check out the restaurant or the granary, where the world champion in Latin American dancing (also known as a juror of the "Dancing with the Stars" program) Michal Malitowski trains himself and gives lessons to dancers from all over the world. Because, as he says, this is where he feels best. Among his family and his small homeland.

Gościniec "AGROTABERA" Taberska Inn Marek Taberski

66-111 Nowe Kramsko

Janowiec 1  

tel. +48  68 351 11 30,  +48 504 213 677


The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship